Why Bleak House?

Our client group are a very contented and happy group of individuals. Some of our residents have been with us since the very early days when the home was founded and we now have a very mixed age group with very mixed personal abilities and needs. We can and do cater for all of their ever changing needs.

We are very proactive as a team and will continue to promote modern technologies that will help our teams to deliver care in an individual way. Our installation of electronic care systems packages to help monitor the delivery of care will be followed by future modern systems. Safety is paramount and is the corner stone of all aspects of care we deliver.

Bleak House enjoys an enviable reputation within the locality and within local Social Services and other health and mental health bodies. These are professional bodies that work directly with us on a day to day basis and they see at first hand the efforts we make in order to ensure that the care we provide is always our first priority.

Patron of Bleak House

Christine Turley

  • Unique family driven service.
  • Managed on a day to day basis by the proprietors.
  • Excellent local reputation.
  • Respite for long or short term periods.
  • Individual personalised care packages, tailored to need.
  • Positive based risk assessments.
  • Experienced fully qualified staff team.
  • Care provided for learning disability, mental health, dementia.
  • Fantastic location with beautiful and secure walled gardens.
  • Accept both private and local authority funding clients.